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I love VMware Player

August 23, 2017

Recently I was in the situation of needing to extend some C# software running on Windows CE 5.0.

Okay, I thought, no biggie right? Until my not-so-very-new visual studio project was unable to open in both my vs2012 and vs2015 installations.

Some searching revealed that apparently the support for CE development stopped with vs2008 and  the support for vs2008 stopped way before windows 7.

Since most of my development takes place using virtual machines I started searching my backup drives and sure enough, there was a vmware server virtual machine with Windows XP (that I used to run on an ubuntu host long time ago).

Naturally I assumed this is never gonna work out of the box and started searching for how to boot up really old virtual machines. Nothing in the results seemed spot on though, so finally I just tried and opened the virtual machine with a vmware player version I forgot I even installed.

Imagine my surprise when everything just worked. It booted. A shared folder could easily be configured and the development environment (vs2005 apparently) was up to speed having no trouble compiling the old project.

Further coding could be made, a new release issued and no problems with it so far. Oh, and this project is also nice and helpful:

..for when you realize that the function Process.GetProcesses() (of System.Diagnostics) just didn’t make the compact framework..


Virtual machines, vmware and VirtualBox

October 10, 2011

A while ago I was migrating from VMware Server (the free version) to VirtualBox (which is also free). In order to convert my vmdk to vdi I started out using this guide.

It is nowadays possible to directly use the vmdk in VirtualBox, but for some reason I wanted all my disks as vdi.

Some of my drives where devided into 2GB chunks. First I created a single file out of them using:

vmware-vdiskmanager -r vm.vmdk -t 0 hardrive-name.vmdk

(vm.vmdk is my source disk and harddrive-name is the destination disk)

Then I installed qemu (sudo apt-get install qemu) order to convert the disk to a bin file (I figured it’s always good to know how to do this in case I want a hardware drive later on..):

qemu-img convert harddrive-name.vmdk raw-file.bin

And then to convert to vdi I use VBoxManage:

VBoxManage convertdd raw-file.bin new-file.vdi

Tadaa.. Then I created a new virtual machine using VirtualBox. Since I’m speaking of virtual boxes ¬†anyway, here are some notes-to-self about creating it:

  1. Create the network adapters, I use one to bridge my wireless and one to bridge my LAN. (TODO: Learn how NAT is working in VirtualBox)
    1. I have a DELL PRECISION M90 and the “Advanced” “Adapter type” “INTEL PRO/1000 MT Desktop” works better for me.
  2. Share a folder. I share the same folder in all my virtual machines and has it setup as a network harddrive in windows. Works like a charm! One of the reasons I migrate from VMware, there I use ftp.. (with my host as ftp-server).
  3. Add the USB-device filters I want.
This did not work, my vm was not bootable. To be continued…

Ubuntu 9.04 + Firefox 3.6.8 + WMware server 2.0.2 + Web access + Remote Console –> Not so fun to get back from vacation

August 2, 2010

It’s always exciting to get back from vacation! Logging in to an old system, running the upgrades, getting your DE up and running.. today the problem was: vmware and firefox compatibility. Apparently my ubuntu decided this was a good time to upgrade ff to 3.6. Wmware however reacted not so well by.. stop working! took me to a blank page. allowed me to log in and start the virtual machine, but when I wanted to open the vmware console it responded “Cannot access virtual machine console. The request timed out.”

A couple hours spent searching and troubleshooting (installing vmware-player was not helpful at all) finally provided me with a working solution (the post by Mike Masseo): running vmware console directly from command line. The command line essentials:

1) cd /home/myusername/.mozilla/firefox/0qgd98ep.default/extensions/
2) ./vmware-vmrc

The 0qgd98ep will probably differ, I used tab to auto-complete after /firefox/.

Up and back to work I am!