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Awful programming tip

March 19, 2013

When working in project with many collaborators and a gigantic code base, define global functions with names very similar to standard library functions. Oh, and of course use the same inputs and return type.

Implement the function to do the same thing as the corresponding library function. Then, after a while, change the implementation to something similar but not quite the same as the original function.

May I suggest strpcy?


Why is this so hard to fix?

September 30, 2012

It started with the error stating that the file clfs.sys was missing or corrupted. Maybe something about 0xc000000f as well. It was (is) a Windows Vista Home Premium (Swedish only), pre installed on a DELL Inspiron 530S.

The recovery DVD did not help at all, even though it seems like a common problem when searching for solutions.

CLFS.sys is related to logging according to answers on some tech support forums. One solution tip was to boot into a linux distribution and remove some hidden $TxfLog file.

I did that, using a live ubuntu cd, but it did not work.

Then I tried using the Ultimate Boot Cd to check the hard drive for failures, but it passed all the tests.

I had already made backups of all data, but since there was so much space left I thought I might shrink the partition and recover the system to a new one.

Anyway, I started Parted Magic and promped it to test the file system using GParted. It said that “Cluster accounting failed at …: extra cluster in $Bitmap”

Totally 1 cluster accounting mismatches! GParted suggests that I run chkdsk /f and then reboot windows twice (is that the standard way of handling all NTFS problems?)

So the next natural step is to run chkdsk. Chkdsk is a windows tool, but the windows system won’t boot. I don’t want to pull the hard drive and connect it to a working windows system just to run chkdsk. Fortunately, there is a tool called ubcd4win which creates a live windows cd using the files from an original windows cd.

To be continued…

Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu with EFIT and 64 bit system

July 23, 2012

I recently got a new laptop, an N56V from ASUS. It shipped with windows 7, but I didn’t want to abandon Linux so I decided to dual boot with ubuntu.

After I installed ubuntu, my windows refused to boot with the error message “invalid efi path”. I checked it out and apparently there is some new bios boot system called EFIT (?). I did not find an easy solution to this problem.

  • There is a project called rEFIt which looks a bit like it might do the trick, but it seems to be used primary with MAC (?).
  • There were also some other threads, but the instructions involved recompiling grub and/or manually moving partitions and I don’t want to do that.
  • Maybe something like boot camp would do the trick? I havn’t had the time to try, and I needed to get my system up and running (there are only so many times I want to recover my windows installation or switch hard drives..)

I followed this manual to setup the dual boot (which resulted in the EFI error message)

I couldn’t run only ubuntu mainly because:

  • The wirless mouse (Logitech Laser Nano M505) didn’t work properly. My (not so qualified) guess is that it’s got something to do with USB 3.0 compatibility/drivers. This computer only has USB 3 slots.
  • Ubuntu did not find my wired network card (Atheros AR8161/8165 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)). I expected it to show up as eth0, but there was no sign of it. The wireless worked right away.

I don’t have time to look into these issues right now – I am back to work and need a working system. And it’s summer and the sun is shining..

my strategy is to wait a few months, checking ubuntu with the live cd every now and then. I really miss ubuntu. When/if the mouse and network card issues have been resolved I’ll try to run with ubuntu as the single operating system.

Anyway, I figured I’d put this post on the internet to see if it turns up in any search results 🙂 Anybody experiencing the same problems as me? Anybody found a [not too complicated or time consuming] solution? Please comment!! I would very much appreciate it.


Maybe I’ve been affected by this bug. Hope it’s fixed soon..

About EMU 0404 USB support for Ubuntu

June 7, 2010

For a few weeks I was searching for evidence that this particular sound card was supported in Ubuntu Studio 10.04. I found some evidence and clues, like this extensive thread and the ALSA page with beta drivers. I was still suspicious though, but since we (me and my boyfriend, he’s using the sound card for recording) really wanted to avoid windows, we decided to try.

So we downloaded Ubutu Studio 10.04 and installed it with all the suggested software bundles. We did the modprobing for drivers:

modprobe snd-emu10k1 ; modprobe snd-pcm-oss ; modprobe snd-mixer-oss ; modprobe snd-seq-oss

And then we started Audacity, chose EMU 0404 as playback & recording device in the preferences and we were up and running! Much faster than we would have been with windows. Just so awesome!! I’m not even sure I needed the modprobing. The quality was ok and recording and playback worked on both input channels (connected to a digital piano).

Enter key hangs

June 3, 2010

This is driving me crazy so I need to write it off!

A few days ago, a new problem started to interfere with my daily work. Every now and then the Enter- key keeps pressing itself (hangs) for no apparent reason. And  it stops when I press F2!

Of course I assumed it was a hardware problem, since several people around me had that problem with laptop keyboards (and solved it by replacing them). I’ve never been violent to my keyboard and don’t remember ever spilling liquid on it (I know, it’s a miracle since most of the stuff on my desk have been swimming in coffee at least once).

Anyway, I started looking into Linux forums and disabled my keyboard according to this post. I connected a usb-keyboard and started working again.

15 minutes later the same thing happened again! By pressing F2 on the usb-keyboard it stopped! So maybe it’s a software problem in Ubuntu?

I’ll get back when I’ve upgraded my OS. It’s time anyway, I’m running 9.04 and want to try 10.04 asap. Unfortunately I need a decent time span with low workload. If VMware (Server 2.0) fails me I can’t work.

Btw, I’m using a Dell Precision M90 anybody seen a similar problem with this laptop?


It seems like the problem is caused by Terminal Server Client. I stopped using it for VNC (connected to my virtual machine) and havn’t had the problem since.

Yet another missing irl feature

February 22, 2009

So, I’ve been through the ctrl-z feature and the stop, rewind and analyze feature. What else is missing in my life? A robot to take care of all house hold work? An index to the CD collection? To be able to search for quotes in all my books? Yes, all of that of course, but my whining today will be about the saving ability. Why can’t I record my memory and save it on a USB-stick for later? How come it’s so hard for me to put the cool dream I had out on youtube? There is so much media I’m just missing by forgetting!!

Dreams, memories, books that are like movies in my head. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Terry Pratchett novels. Each one of them makes such a great hollowood-production movie in my head. It makes me wanna change career into a film maker!

But nooo, I can’t even get a screenshot out of my head. That totally sucks.

About useful commands

February 22, 2009

A very useful command on linux (ubuntu in my case) is the dd command. All it requires is a little (or a lot of) courage (at least I’ve always been scared of memory management). For instance, I copied a CF-card to a bigger one and it worked like a charm! XP-embedded booted up fine and and the extra memory just showed up as unallocated. That is so cool!!

Then I stumbled upon this competition about the best UNIX commands ever: For me, sudo !! (execute the last command as root) is definately a winner. I don’t remember the last time I remembered to write sudo.

Sometimes it feels like a waste having ubuntu as OS but always using vmware (server 2.0) and do all the actual work in xp. On the up-side though, when xp crashes, I can always use my ubuntu to write and surf until it’s rebooted.

I never remember the commands I want to use, and I never use the commands I have on my cheating-notes. Maybe if I wasn’t growing up with windows (3.11 was the first I remember clearly) unix would be more like a part of me. As it is, I didn’t get in touch with command based computer use until high school.

Addresses and stuff!

February 19, 2009

I wanted to write a short guide to using pointers and stuff, since I always forget that sort of thing. At least the three first times I “started doing it again”. Like, you go object-oriented for a year and then you’re suddenly thrown back into C and IEC61131-3 (languages for plc-programming (programmable logic controllers, for controlling machines within industrual automation)).

Anyway, it goes faster and faster now.. But I wanted a pedagogic picture also, with arrows and stuff.. maybe I’ll add it later.

C is first:

&myFirstVariable – “address of “, is an unsigned long that is the memory address to the place where myFirstVariable is stored.

*pMyFirstVariable – “on this address”, is whatever pMyFirstVariable is an address to. So pMyFirstVariable is an unsigned long (p is “pointer to”).

Once you mastered these to operators, you can do practically anything you want. And you know about computer memory. Some time maybe I can think of some really confusing examples to go with the above standalone useless information!

Just woke up…

February 15, 2009

So, I’m back from a loong winter hibernation. Christmas vacation, work for a couple of weeks and then another week skiing. Now it’s work for several months. Hopefully I will learn an awful lot of new things and develop a habit of waking up early in the morning, happy, and not curse my way up from bed!

However, it was fairly easy to get back to work. I tried hard not to think about work on my holiday, but the moment I opened the DE it all came back to me. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s like it never left.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature..

December 16, 2008

Ever heard that line before? I use it a lot. Like all the time. About everything from kitchen utensils to strange software behaviours..

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to write about is the magical things about every development environment (and programs in general) that seems to exist everywhere. At first I thought it was just me that needed to find those workarounds, tweaks and weird irrational configurations, or that it was just this or that environment. Now I’ve seen a lot of DE:s (development environments) and I know it’s not just me. It can go something like this:

– This button doesn’t work!

– No, you have to focus that other window before you click.

– I can’t write into this parameter field!

– No, first you have to open Window->Configurations, go to the tab called “Parameter fields” and check the box called “Please”

– But it worked half an hour ago and I didn’t change anything!

– Yeah, well.. it does that sometimes..

..this is where I pick up my notebook and start writing the sequence down.. in 2-5 years I’m gonna need it again. Anyway, a little while later it develops to:

– And remember, when you update that file, on that server, you have to open this settings window and change this totally random value into something else. Then you have to minimize and maximize the window twice..

I can’t really explain it well, I hope to present a good example soon.

All applications have bugs. Not all av them have features : )