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silent computer – tyst stationär dator

June 8, 2010

For quite some time I have been searching for a new computer. I wanted it to have decent performance and be quiet but none of the stores I checked had any sound-preferences whatsoever. I didn’t want to build it myself so I went to a local store in Lund called itel and had them build me one. We chose the components together, after two days it was ready and the pricing was good. This is what I got:

  • Fractal Design Define R2 Black Pearl
  • Scythe 450W power supply
  • Asus P7H55, S-1156 DDR3 GbLAN HD-Audio
  • Intel Quad Core i5 2,66 GHz, S1156, 8Mb 14250
  • Noctua NH U12P SE1366 (CPU cooler)
  • Corsair Dominator DHX+ DDR3 1333MHz 4Gb(2*2Gb) XM
  • Seagate Barracuda 500Gb 16MB Cache S-ATA2
  • Asus Radeon HD 4350 512Mb Silent

Maybe all computers are fairly silent by now but I am really surprised by how quiet it is! I can really recommend this store! (Now I feel silly writing in English, clearly addressing Swedish people). Anyway, these are quiet components and they work good together (had the computer almost a week now, running Ubuntu Studio).

For a perfectly silent HTPC however, I can recommend the fit-PC2. It’s more like an industrial computers I work with. Slow, reliable, fanless, energy saving.. and it plays HD! I run ubuntu 8.04, but I hope for 10.40 support soon.