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Why is this so hard to fix?

September 30, 2012

It started with the error stating that the file clfs.sys was missing or corrupted. Maybe something about 0xc000000f as well. It was (is) a Windows Vista Home Premium (Swedish only), pre installed on a DELL Inspiron 530S.

The recovery DVD did not help at all, even though it seems like a common problem when searching for solutions.

CLFS.sys is related to logging according to answers on some tech support forums. One solution tip was to boot into a linux distribution and remove some hidden $TxfLog file.

I did that, using a live ubuntu cd, but it did not work.

Then I tried using the Ultimate Boot Cd to check the hard drive for failures, but it passed all the tests.

I had already made backups of all data, but since there was so much space left I thought I might shrink the partition and recover the system to a new one.

Anyway, I started Parted Magic and promped it to test the file system using GParted. It said that “Cluster accounting failed at …: extra cluster in $Bitmap”

Totally 1 cluster accounting mismatches! GParted suggests that I run chkdsk /f and then reboot windows twice (is that the standard way of handling all NTFS problems?)

So the next natural step is to run chkdsk. Chkdsk is a windows tool, but the windows system won’t boot. I don’t want to pull the hard drive and connect it to a working windows system just to run chkdsk. Fortunately, there is a tool called ubcd4win which creates a live windows cd using the files from an original windows cd.

To be continued…