Ubuntu 9.04 + Firefox 3.6.8 + WMware server 2.0.2 + Web access + Remote Console –> Not so fun to get back from vacation

It’s always exciting to get back from vacation! Logging in to an old system, running the upgrades, getting your DE up and running.. today the problem was: vmware and firefox compatibility. Apparently my ubuntu decided this was a good time to upgrade ff to 3.6. Wmware however reacted not so well by.. stop working! took me to a blank page. allowed me to log in and start the virtual machine, but when I wanted to open the vmware console it responded “Cannot access virtual machine console. The request timed out.”

A couple hours spent searching and troubleshooting (installing vmware-player was not helpful at all) finally provided me with a working solution (the post by Mike Masseo): running vmware console directly from command line. The command line essentials:

1) cd /home/myusername/.mozilla/firefox/0qgd98ep.default/extensions/VMwareVMRC@vmware.com/plugins/
2) ./vmware-vmrc

The 0qgd98ep will probably differ, I used tab to auto-complete after /firefox/.

Up and back to work I am!


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