What’s a bug like?

Today I decided to add a subversion repository to my newly upgraded Ubuntu 9.10 fit-pc according to this guide. When I was creating the new subversion-group it suggested the id to be 0. I didn’t think it mattered so I happily pressed ok. Without checking that the group was created properly, I logged out and back in. The group had not been created so I tried again, and got some error message. I rebooted the computer to get a fresh start..

On my next svn-instruction-command I got the exciting message that my user was not in the sudoers list! When checking through the users and groups, I saw that the subversion group had been created but that my password did not work as root password anymore!

To fix this I had to restart in recovery-mode and open a root terminal (hold/push shift during restart, choose recovery mode, press any button after text messages, choose “root” in the menu). I had found this helpful thread, and tried:

sudo adduser myuser admin

And got told that group admin does not exist! Some more searching took me to this place. I looked at the /etc/group file and saw that, indeed, the admin group was nowhere to be seen. I added the group with my username and finally I was root again.

So.. is this a bug I ought to report? I always assume that it’s a user problem (me). I checked the “add group” function again. Sometimes it suggested the group id 0, sometimes not.


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