Enter key hangs

This is driving me crazy so I need to write it off!

A few days ago, a new problem started to interfere with my daily work. Every now and then the Enter- key keeps pressing itself (hangs) for no apparent reason. And  it stops when I press F2!

Of course I assumed it was a hardware problem, since several people around me had that problem with laptop keyboards (and solved it by replacing them). I’ve never been violent to my keyboard and don’t remember ever spilling liquid on it (I know, it’s a miracle since most of the stuff on my desk have been swimming in coffee at least once).

Anyway, I started looking into Linux forums and disabled my keyboard according to this post. I connected a usb-keyboard and started working again.

15 minutes later the same thing happened again! By pressing F2 on the usb-keyboard it stopped! So maybe it’s a software problem in Ubuntu?

I’ll get back when I’ve upgraded my OS. It’s time anyway, I’m running 9.04 and want to try 10.04 asap. Unfortunately I need a decent time span with low workload. If VMware (Server 2.0) fails me I can’t work.

Btw, I’m using a Dell Precision M90 anybody seen a similar problem with this laptop?


It seems like the problem is caused by Terminal Server Client. I stopped using it for VNC (connected to my virtual machine) and havn’t had the problem since.


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