About useful commands

A very useful command on linux (ubuntu in my case) is the dd command. All it requires is a little (or a lot of) courage (at least I’ve always been scared of memory management). For instance, I copied a CF-card to a bigger one and it worked like a charm! XP-embedded booted up fine and and the extra memory just showed up as unallocated. That is so cool!!

Then I stumbled upon this competition about the best UNIX commands ever: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/browse. For me, sudo !! (execute the last command as root) is definately a winner. I don’t remember the last time I remembered to write sudo.

Sometimes it feels like a waste having ubuntu as OS but always using vmware (server 2.0) and do all the actual work in xp. On the up-side though, when xp crashes, I can always use my ubuntu to write and surf until it’s rebooted.

I never remember the commands I want to use, and I never use the commands I have on my cheating-notes. Maybe if I wasn’t growing up with windows (3.11 was the first I remember clearly) unix would be more like a part of me. As it is, I didn’t get in touch with command based computer use until high school.


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