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Yet another missing irl feature

February 22, 2009

So, I’ve been through the ctrl-z feature and the stop, rewind and analyze feature. What else is missing in my life? A robot to take care of all house hold work? An index to the CD collection? To be able to search for quotes in all my books? Yes, all of that of course, but my whining today will be about the saving ability. Why can’t I record my memory and save it on a USB-stick for later? How come it’s so hard for me to put the cool dream I had out on youtube? There is so much media I’m just missing by forgetting!!

Dreams, memories, books that are like movies in my head. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Terry Pratchett novels. Each one of them makes such a great hollowood-production movie in my head. It makes me wanna change career into a film maker!

But nooo, I can’t even get a screenshot out of my head. That totally sucks.


About useful commands

February 22, 2009

A very useful command on linux (ubuntu in my case) is the dd command. All it requires is a little (or a lot of) courage (at least I’ve always been scared of memory management). For instance, I copied a CF-card to a bigger one and it worked like a charm! XP-embedded booted up fine and and the extra memory just showed up as unallocated. That is so cool!!

Then I stumbled upon this competition about the best UNIX commands ever: For me, sudo !! (execute the last command as root) is definately a winner. I don’t remember the last time I remembered to write sudo.

Sometimes it feels like a waste having ubuntu as OS but always using vmware (server 2.0) and do all the actual work in xp. On the up-side though, when xp crashes, I can always use my ubuntu to write and surf until it’s rebooted.

I never remember the commands I want to use, and I never use the commands I have on my cheating-notes. Maybe if I wasn’t growing up with windows (3.11 was the first I remember clearly) unix would be more like a part of me. As it is, I didn’t get in touch with command based computer use until high school.

Addresses and stuff!

February 19, 2009

I wanted to write a short guide to using pointers and stuff, since I always forget that sort of thing. At least the three first times I “started doing it again”. Like, you go object-oriented for a year and then you’re suddenly thrown back into C and IEC61131-3 (languages for plc-programming (programmable logic controllers, for controlling machines within industrual automation)).

Anyway, it goes faster and faster now.. But I wanted a pedagogic picture also, with arrows and stuff.. maybe I’ll add it later.

C is first:

&myFirstVariable – “address of “, is an unsigned long that is the memory address to the place where myFirstVariable is stored.

*pMyFirstVariable – “on this address”, is whatever pMyFirstVariable is an address to. So pMyFirstVariable is an unsigned long (p is “pointer to”).

Once you mastered these to operators, you can do practically anything you want. And you know about computer memory. Some time maybe I can think of some really confusing examples to go with the above standalone useless information!

Just woke up…

February 15, 2009

So, I’m back from a loong winter hibernation. Christmas vacation, work for a couple of weeks and then another week skiing. Now it’s work for several months. Hopefully I will learn an awful lot of new things and develop a habit of waking up early in the morning, happy, and not curse my way up from bed!

However, it was fairly easy to get back to work. I tried hard not to think about work on my holiday, but the moment I opened the DE it all came back to me. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s like it never left.