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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature..

December 16, 2008

Ever heard that line before? I use it a lot. Like all the time. About everything from kitchen utensils to strange software behaviours..

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to write about is the magical things about every development environment (and programs in general) that seems to exist everywhere. At first I thought it was just me that needed to find those workarounds, tweaks and weird irrational configurations, or that it was just this or that environment. Now I’ve seen a lot of DE:s (development environments) and I know it’s not just me. It can go something like this:

– This button doesn’t work!

– No, you have to focus that other window before you click.

– I can’t write into this parameter field!

– No, first you have to open Window->Configurations, go to the tab called “Parameter fields” and check the box called “Please”

– But it worked half an hour ago and I didn’t change anything!

– Yeah, well.. it does that sometimes..

..this is where I pick up my notebook and start writing the sequence down.. in 2-5 years I’m gonna need it again. Anyway, a little while later it develops to:

– And remember, when you update that file, on that server, you have to open this settings window and change this totally random value into something else. Then you have to minimize and maximize the window twice..

I can’t really explain it well, I hope to present a good example soon.

All applications have bugs. Not all av them have features : )


Another feature missing irl..

December 2, 2008

Conversations are sometimes boring because people don’t listen to each other. They (ok, we) tend to care more about our own next statement than to actually understand the other person’s arguments. Maybe it’s because it’s so hard to listen and think simultaneously. Or listen and remember..

Lately I’ve been missing the stop-and-rewind feature of conversations. Too often I either forget what I was going to say, or I forget what the other person just said. I get brilliant ideas and instantly forget them because I try to understand what the other person was saying.

For the first 23 years of my life this was not at all a problem. I never thought of this as a possibility and I got along just fine (well, ehm..). Now I suddenly feel like it’s a functionality that ought to exist.

Maybe I should not spend so much time with computers.