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Once every three years..

November 30, 2008

Shortcuts, useful configurations, linux commands and utility programs. I use it once every three years or so, and I spend the same time looking for it every time. Usually after that time I also have a new computer (or at least a newer installation of the system), so the program I used is not installed anymore and the configurations are long gone. Shortcuts are normally forgotten after a week or so..

One of the last things I was looking for was the way to index files with unknown extensions in Windows XP, so that you can do full-text searches with all your files. Very useful for a developer with numerous file types not always known to the inexperienced windows configuration..

Anyway, the trick is: Control panel –> Administration –> Computer management –> Services & applications –> Indexing service. Right click and choose properties. There it is, a check box. By the next time I need this, I probably don’t have the same operating system..


The ctrl-z reflex

November 28, 2008

Have you ever done something stupid and immediately thought “ctrl-z, ctrl-z.. ctrl-z!!”, (accompanied by the left hand moves) and then momentarily felt frustrated because it didn’t work.

Then, in a tenth of a second you come to your senses and think “how silly of me, of course ctrl-z does not work in the real world”. I always feel a little empty those moments, like there’s something missing in my world. It’s also a little scary with those reflexes that feels so right but are so wrong.

Is this a common feeling in these exciting times?

Fit the first..

November 28, 2008

So, here we go. My first attempt to blog. Let’s see how it goes.